The Derivative of the Square Root of x – How to Derive the Formula

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Deriving Formulas for Derivatives

Derivative formulas didn’t just come from outer space, they are actually derived from the definition of a derivative:

The Derivative of the Square Root of x

Let’s derive the formula for the derivative of the square root of x: . We should get: (so say the basic derivative formulas – formula number 5).

We have . Let’s get to it. After substituting into the derivative formula from the definition, we will receive:

By multiplying the numerator and the denominator in the following way…

…and using the formula for perfect square trinomial in the numerator, we will eliminate the irrationality and end up with:

The x’s on top in the numerator will cancel out and we get…

…and after cancelling out in the numerator and denominator:

Since it means that:

So, we are home. The formula for the derivative has been derived.

More Examples

Feel free to play around with other formulas, I encourage you!

Derivatives and Function Analysis Course

You can also find various step-by-step calculated cases in my Derivatives and Function Analysis Course.

More General Cases

The task of deriving a formula for a derivative always comes down to calculating the appropriate limit, where ‘x’ is treated as a constant. It might be easier or harder, but you can use methods and tricks you’re already familiar with from calculating function limits.

With one caveat.

Unfortunately – the l’Hôpital’s Rule is off the table. Why? Precisely because it utilizes derivatives.

Let me remind you of your task – you need to compute the derivative of a function from the definition, without knowing the formula. And l’Hôpital’s Rule often uses derivative formulas!

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