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Krystian Karczyński

Founder and General Manager of eTrapez.

Graduate of Mathematics at Poznan University of Technology. Mathematics tutor with many years of experience. Creator of the first eTrapez Courses, which have gained immense popularity among students nationwide.

He lives in Szczecin, Poland. He enjoys walks in the woods, beaches and kayaking.

Introducing  another in the series of calculators, this time for differential equations (in connection with the newly emerging Course):

How to use the calculator?

The calculator is ready to calculate, you just need to enter the equation into it (according to the general instructions for entering mathematical formulas), click on ‘Calculate’ and we have the solution. As the derivative of the function y can be written both: y’ as well as: dy/dx .

The calculator has its limitations, that is, it certainly won’t solve every possible equation, and it very stubbornly (too stubbornly) determines the solution in an entangled form (you can learn what the entangled form and the unraveled form of the solution of a differential equation are in my Differential Equations Course, which should be out as early as next week).

You also can’t see the flow of solving the equation, but it’s still useful for anyone who wants to check the result, or just quickly count something that’s needed for something else.

You also have to be careful with these results, because as we know in differential equations, for example: 1 minus C x1 plus C x are one and the same solution of the differential equation (why? – I invite you again to my Course). So don’t panic if what we have on the sheet is seemingly different from what came out in the calculator. The same comment, by the way, applies to checking with the answers in the book, for example.

If you have any questions about the calculator, don’t know how to enter any equation into it – throw them boldly in the comments 🙂

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